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hopefully prop 207 here in az passes soon i swear to the gods

audio interface question 

someone whos better at audio equipment help me

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audio interface question 

im lookin at the motu m2,,, im not sure if its what i want (something cheap that doubles as an audio interface for microphones and also a dac)

`git push` has been deprecated, you are only allowed to use `git push -f` now

twitter actually has never worked whenever a clicked a link that leads there without refreshing the page at least 2 times

hopping on my laptop specifically so i can type on the thinkpad keyboard


i hate it when im using my flamethrower toilet bong and i burn my house down :/

receiver 2 

the feeling of shooting, missing, having your gun jam, clearing, shooting, hitting is absolutely unparalleled

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"