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there's a middle ground between "Linux as a personality" and " it doesn't matter at all who controls the future of computing". be careful not to react against one so hard that you slide right into the other.

why do i have such a tendancy towards difficult video games, i suck at videogames

everyone on here talking about being pro lgbtq... i didnt even know you could go professional...


wait what you can hook up rail signals to the circuit network

only good news recently is limbaugh going to hell. rest in piss you revolting creature.

fuck yes rush limbaugh finally killed over, like a fucking loser

Fellas... is it gay to straighten? You're basically becoming straight. 🤔

what is the longest word in the english language? 


there's a mile between each s!

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"