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hey peeps, so i more than likely have cptsd which means i'm quite sensitive to some things:

- being yelled at by peers
- stories about people being rejected

please add content warnings where appropriate.

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if you've been on progressive/leftist/queer mastodon for a while, i've probably talked to you, just under a different name.

feel free to ask about that, especially if i send you a follow request and you have no idea who the fuck i am.


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hey, i'm a short, fat, passing trans woman in her 30s, i've been on hormones for 6 months, i have an eating disorder, i have adhd and probably cptsd.

i didn't figure out who i was until last year.

first i started using they/them pronouns because 'honestly everything about being male is awful' and i didn't want to be associated with maleness.

a few months later my egg cracked for reals.

i had been spending a lot of time in self reflection, trying to figure out how to move forwards with my life, and it just clicked one day.

i used to tell myself that i wanted to be trans for all sorts of silly reasons, trying to convince myself this wasn't real.

i just want to be happy.

should i just move to my own instance? i'm conflicted because i like it here, but also...

Domain Block-adjacent 

As a pre-emptive note, and for goodness' sakes, don't confuse the arsehole dj sumdog (with an m) with the Good People DJ Sundog (with an n). :blobfacepalm:

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rant-ish, LGBTQ/queer 

idk how to explain it but like

I kinda feel like the LGBTQ community is, like, the "liberals" of being gay? and the queer community is the actual leftists? is it just me or do y'all also feel this way?

Like, the LGBTQ community used to feel quite inclusive and comfortable when I first got into it, but now it feels like it's just a bunch of people running around yelling at you for being gay "wrong", trying to impose oppressive, constricting rules, and just generally (1/?)

asking for help, mentions of rape, abuse, assault 

So, we have kicked our roommate out after it came to light that they raped their partner in our home, a home full of trans rape survivors. Details are in this tweet, from the survivor of his assault and abuse.

We cannot afford the increase in rent that’s going to happen to each of us. We have barely been staying afloat as it is. If you’re able, please help us. Links will be in next toot.

#introduction ― Hi, I'm Niva, I'm new to this. lol.

I'm trans nonbinary (novarian) (they/them) and furry/otherkin and obsessed with Star Wars and snowflakes.
Contrary to popular belief, being gay IS part of my personality, sparkle. ✨

Things I'll likely talk about (that say a lot about me, probably):
• being #queer / #lgbt / #transgender / #nonbinary
#gaming, especially
- #DragonAge
- #AnimalCrossing
- #Pokémon
- #TheSims
#antifa, #blm, #acab and anti #capitalism

Yoroshiku ne!~

please boost so people can find my silly little instance

asking for monetary help, boosts needed, medicine 

a month's supply of my schizophrenia medicine costs $284

and that's WITH good rx

without good rx it's like $750

anyways... i still have some cash leftover from the first fundraising thing i did to get me out to seattle at the start of vantascape, but that's gonna be gone real quick if i keep having to do this every month

so i think i'm gonna have to crowdfund... my sanity

which is a super fucked up concept

anyways, yeah

anything past the initial $284 goal will be put toward my schizophrenia meds in future months, and in general keeping me alive while i job search

thanks so much!!!

you mean the world to me fediverse, you've kept me alive


my paypal is

crying because i have boobs now and i didn't earlier and that really sucked, but i do now and thats really great


what the fuck is a 'male spine'? spines have a gender now? cis people are definitely suffering some kind of breakdown right now

my dad is a right fuckwit, 99% chance he's an anti-masker

my own bigotry 

10 or so years ago i was a 'well so long as they don't be gay around me' homophobe, a 'trans women are just men in dresses' transphobe, a 'violence is always wrong, even against fascists' hand wringing liberal.

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