detransition rate

In this study there were 3,398 patients, 16 mentioned regret or detransition.

12 attribute this to social pressure, and only 3 de-transitioned with no intention to transition again.

That’s 3 people from a sample of 3,398 trans people.

That’s 0.088% of people sampled. Literally less than 1 in 1000 people seeking treatment to aid transition.

Therefore the successful treatment rate is 99.92% of people treated being trans, and happy with the results of treatment.

suck my farts transphobes.

detransition rate 

@jazzikicks @haskal additional fun fact: I'm fairly sure I talked to a doctor once and they told me the rate of regret from transitioning is lower then the rate of regret from getting your wisdom teeth removed

detransition rate 

@jazzikicks would you rather have 999 trans people struggling to get transition treatment or one (1) person potentially getting it but then regretting it? Put otherwise, would you rather have A) 999 happily transitioning trans folks or B) one (1) cis person who was saved from the (very low) chance of accidentally transitioning?

Only a transphobe would pick option B, valuing the happiness of a cis person 1000x higher than the happiness of a trans person.

And I also wonder how many of those transition regretters are nonbinary and only regret transitioning too far towards the opposite binary gender.

detransition rate 

@LunaDragofelis @jazzikicks ive actually seen a couple of NB's having some transition regrets because they felt pressured to be part of a binary. in those cases they don't completely detransition, though they did make a few changes to better fit their newfound identity.

detransition rate / medical gross 

@itsjordan @LunaDragofelis @jazzikicks

The one person I've met who has any regrets also had major complications from surgery that the gender doctors refused to fix or even take seriously and was gaslit for years about a recurring/ongoing infection. Excessive gatekeeping ~caused~ that case of regret. A cis person with a similar problem would have had more avenues for help.

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