jokes aside go vote today. It's important.

if you haven't already and you can,
please vote. please

rn my mind is moving a million miles an hour and im able to accomplish approximately nothing

walking through the business school just like It Is Eight In The Fucjing Morning Why Are You Wearing A Suit

lol i got more game than anyone else on my timeline hells ye

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idk why everyone suddenly has a purity score attached to their name am i supposed to do this

i wanna be kissing my enbyfriend rn....

this has been a recurring thought for approximately since they asked me out

i was out here lookin super cute w sparkly silver leggings and white denim booty shorts
i got through one class, went right back to my room, shed the cute stuff and just put on two pairs of pants, w the outer pair having a rain-resistant shell

i didn't sleep but i did all my laundry, spent over an hour doing yoga, and completed my assignment due at 8:30am

fun fact: i dont sleep except in 20 hour bursts

ive only been awake for like 18 hours i dont need to sleep right

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"