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ive only been awake for like 18 hours i dont need to sleep right

imagine being able to go to sleep or wake up

i can't get rid of an empty partition and give its space back to the primary volume


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something is wrong with my partition map please help

I installed Fedora. I wanted to like it. I made a good faith effort. I really didn't like it.
The story of my past two hours

@ida I don't think you should quench your thirst in a bathroom, but if you're into that I guess.

I mean... if you're threatened by a Code of Conduct, that pretty much tells people all they need to know about your state of mind concerning basic respect for other people.

If you believe your right to be an asshole without consequence equates to FREEDOM, you're just a bigot.

The math isn't hard on this one.

ayyy i got to CS 1200 before it starts for the first time since the first week of classes

like theres no drama between the gods why even bother

so i'm gonna be having a friend over to study in a bit over an hour.... i should probably make my place presentable

okay less than an hour after class and I've submitted the second, passing all test cases

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so my programming professor put up two new lab assignments at the beginning of class, due Sunday... we're like halfway through class, he's lecturing about dynamic arrays, and I just submitted the first lab assignment, passing all test cases

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"