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i like thinking about the crypt kingdom, home to lost and broken things and magic that isnt allowed anywhere else

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i cant sleep and i can barely relax, i wish some more people would talk to me but thats what i get for 3 am

im like. not ready to move out and none of my gfs can come to oregon any time soon but god i want to just live with them

i just wanna live alongside someone who i can hold at night when im sad

oh no im crying about my cat again. i wish she lived on the same floor as me so i could cuddle with her

im sad thinking about how long its gonna be until i can see roxie again :c
among a lot of other things but. yk

ugh no im in an emotional place where im relating too closely to front bottoms lyrics, thats not great

ughh im still too paranoid/jittery from get out to relax enough to sleep or even turn out the lights

this is an intervention, things need to change...

I'm a thot. How do I thot more

do you ever realize you see way too much of yourself in someone

yes I will not be driven by a history of reply girls

minecraft mod: keybind that makes the old hurt sound. meant for use in multiplayer

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"