DONATIONS for getting my girlfriend to me so she's not almost homeless!! 

hi i know im not on here much anymore and sorry to ask for everyone's help again but we're close to my gf finally being able to stay w me after after she's been stuck halfway for a few weeks! we just need gas money!

DONATIONS UPDATE (we did it lads!)❤❤❤ 

Thank you all so much!! We've reached (and slightly exceeded) our goal already and I couldn't be more thankful. We'll be posting another update as soon as she's on her way, which should be immediately after we get the first batch of donations withdrawn.

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DONATIONS UPDATE (we did it lads pt 2!)❤❤❤ 

WHOOPS things have been crazy lately and I forgot to make an update when they left the halfway point, but!! Gf is very nearly here, possibly hopefully in my arms tonight. thank you all so much for your support!!!

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