ec selfies, suggestive gesture, ok to boost 

heyyy does anyone wanna commission me for art or something because guess who got hit by a good old overdraft and i dont wanna scrounge more money from my gf!

mortal engines liveblog sorry ill cw it now 

somewhat tasteful panty nudes (boobs, body, ec) 

lesbian selfies, ec, boosts+++ 

post-shower titty selfies, nsfw, ec, boosts+ 

selfies, ec, boosts++ 

post-movie selfies, not really eye contact, slightly revealing clothing 

soft nudes (titty, thighs, tummy, etc), no ec, boosts+ 

glasses selfies, eye contact, boosts ++ 

i tried drawing myself with different hair colors to test it out but hm. i dont think these look like me. but they still look kinda cute and also lay out the colors im thinking about lol

ben 10 trans "alternate" universe. text transcribed under cut 

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"