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begpost (please boost and contribute if u can!) 

hey, everyone.

rare public post from me, but i am trying to build myself back up after having had a tough ending to 2021 financially and am in a position where every paycheck i get immediately has roughly 53% of it taken off the top for either rent or car payments or insurance or credit card payments or whatever but ive caught up on a lot of my payments and i really need help making a buffer for myself

why should u? i work as a supervised visitation monitor and regularly help provide education to parents on how to develop nurturing relationships with their children and not abuse them. i do good work and consider myself a good person. also im gay and cute so those work for me too

any and all help would be appreciated. boosts, the tiniest bit of money, support, i would be grateful. thanks and have a nice day
my venmo is @tmlaska

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hi there. if you're on this profile, it's most likely bc u have a request from me or bc ur following me all of a sudden and u have no clue why.

in short, this is the new and most likely permanent home of 09171. just wanted to make an account to commemorate that im basically an adult and about to legally change my name and gender marker soon so i just wanted to have a fresh set on the internet to walk on not associated with my past as much; just a more affirming atmosphere for me as a person.

doing it here on is not alive bc ida and everyone else have always been chill. love y'all. ill be around.

Do you feel stuck with you current PRO-NOUN subscription?? Ask us for a PRONOUN REMOVAL PLAN at a cheap price!

when you attack the COMEDIAN, you attack society as a whole, and eventually you'll look around, and there will be nobody to say, "is there an Ariana Venti?"

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how sick do you have to be for the beautiful angels to appear around your bedside with comforting smiles. if I'm gonna be sick i might as well be gay about it

every queer person i know like "show me where the fae are, let me make some bargains, i don't even care, it's not getting much worse"

FROM THE PATREON: this maybe qualifies a little more as goth-IC than goth, but there's ALWAYS room for that stuff too IMO. also i hadn't drawn waxplay for the blog yet! hard to believe, considering how hot it is!

this week's #MovieBowl final stages a familiar conflict: cops vs lesbians

every game should have something that rewards you for being the funniest person at the d&d table

people who have met me will know this wouldn't benefit me in the slightest, but still

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Why cw stuff? Ukraine war. Mental health. 

Yes, there is a war going on and it's really scary.

The point of cw'ing that stuff is not to just "ignore current events", but to allow people who have depression, anxiety, etc. to navigate spaces without constantly having their mental health under attack.

There is little most people can do about the situation in the world and humans are not made to handle all that stress we are exposed now constantly. It makes us feel powerless and helpless. This is also why whataboutism pointing to a bad situation here and is not helpful. It makes it worse. It is not clever, most of what follows "what about ..." is things that suck and are known and just stress our powerlessness.

Just cw so people can dose their intake of horribel stuff.

Thank you.

i'm so happy John Stockton and Karl Malone never won a championship

anyway please stop forgetting that disabled people exist and deserve safety and (relative) health just like u do so keep ur masks on in public spaces u fucks

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