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hi there. if you're on this profile, it's most likely bc u have a request from me or bc ur following me all of a sudden and u have no clue why.

in short, this is the new and most likely permanent home of 09171. just wanted to make an account to commemorate that im basically an adult and about to legally change my name and gender marker soon so i just wanted to have a fresh set on the internet to walk on not associated with my past as much; just a more affirming atmosphere for me as a person.

doing it here on is not alive bc ida and everyone else have always been chill. love y'all. ill be around.

someone already is using vivian as an icon now who is going to use rik, neil, and mike as their icons

me (getting inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame): goodbye my family
*family cries as baseball juice is pumped into my veins turning me into a screaming statue*

magical girl transformation sequence thats just me putting on programming socks

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telesur? more like telesurely is one of the only news sources i'll read

youtube documentaries in 2022 are starting to get like "okay, so to understand this old TV show, you need to understand what TV was, and like most people these days you probably have never actually SEEN a TV, but essentially you couldn't upload your own shows"

st augustine in 2022: why is nobody talking about the fact that Adam and eve are the reason everybody sexualises having sex

"chinas zero covid policy is a pandemic waiting to happen" what? Bro the old one is still going on. You know except for in China.

element is barely usable on an i686 laptop with 1gb of ram, but it does work!!

was not expecting to wake up today and see the president of chile simping for taylor swift on twitter but here we are

you know that bit when they're trying to take the orb and they think gandalf is awake but he just sleeps with his eyes open, well that's me watching you lot try to get away with all this shit

watching jimmy fallon and paris hilton talk about apes and the audience is applauding and I look down and see my entire body floating away

one of the most important things i do on any computer is make sure that typing alt+C+C+C+P outputs ☭

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