begpost (please boost and contribute if u can!) 

hey, everyone.

rare public post from me, but i am trying to build myself back up after having had a tough ending to 2021 financially and am in a position where every paycheck i get immediately has roughly 53% of it taken off the top for either rent or car payments or insurance or credit card payments or whatever but ive caught up on a lot of my payments and i really need help making a buffer for myself

why should u? i work as a supervised visitation monitor and regularly help provide education to parents on how to develop nurturing relationships with their children and not abuse them. i do good work and consider myself a good person. also im gay and cute so those work for me too

any and all help would be appreciated. boosts, the tiniest bit of money, support, i would be grateful. thanks and have a nice day
my venmo is @tmlaska

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