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so so so excited to have been turned down for rental assistance based on completely false information. cannot wait for this to hopefully be resolved within a day or so

TIL that the US has been quietly closing Confucius Institutes on college campuses, due to political pressure.

Confucius Institutes, among other things, are testing sites for the HSK, which are a series of exams on the Chinese language. These exams are open to anyone, not just college students. It's just that CIs are often located in colleges.

There was a law passed in 2019 stating that colleges can't receive funding from the DoD for Chinese language studies if they have a Confucius Institute on campus.

There have also been protests claiming that CIs discriminate by refusing to hire Falun Gong members, and that they have a chilling effect on academic freedom because they are affiliated with the Chinese government.

i feel like the amount of sarcastic drip i put into the word epic when i use it most of the time gives it entirely new meaning

the shit with the smoothie guy and ppl trying to defend him because his son apparently has a peanut allergy....if you have such a serious allergy or medical food limitation you need to express that and honestly probably not go to these restaurants because anywhere that works with allergens is not safe so even disregarding his racist bullshit and harassment, he put his own son's life in risk for a mf smoothie

i now have the ability and the gumption/moxie to get a more androgynous haircut. yet i am no more elucidated on what it should be

isaiah rashad might have had my favorite rap album last year which would be the first time someone took that honor away from tyler in a year that tyler dropped for me

hot take but if you smash the state without doing anything about the conditions in which necessitate the state (irreconcilable class conflict), you'll wake up one morning and find yourself back where you started

"let's spend a few minutes talking about cloud computing"
let's NOT!!!!

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