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Chapter 4 is my fav part of golden trick easily bc this mfer

Hi I'm splig.
I work both traditionally and digitally. I like to design characters and make illustrations, and I'm also starting to get into game dev.
I stream on twitch on mondays:
usually I'll be working on a digital illustration

#introduction #mastoart

one of the best things I've gotten from reading theory is knowing that the enemies of communism on the lib-soc left have been pearl-clutching about "authoritarianism" in the exact same vapid way for literally almost two hundred years

the fact that both "sex" and "gender", two words that mean pretty much the same thing, are both in widespread use is not a result of "woke activism". it is to stop people like me from writing "ha ha yes please" on documents at the doctor's surgery

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tomorrow i will smoke outside the dentist at the front of the mall

…okay, time to put my glasses back on because these little bits are UNBELIEVABLY fiddly 😔

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is not alive

timeline's always dead 'round these parts