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Hey, I made an alt for music stuff (so I can keep this account more just for making friends). All my waffling about music stuff and all that is gonna be over there from now on so follow that account if that's something you want to be subjected to!

🎉 @mira 🎉

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btw if you send me recordings of you making silly/cute noises I will almost certainly try and sneak them into music

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Hello ^^ I'm Mira (or Mimi (or Mi (or Daki))). I'm 20 as of posting this. I'm one of those none biney trans girls (she/they) and I am also a pillow.

I'm currently coming to the end of 3 years working as a software engineer making shitty customer exchange systems and approaching the start of 4 years at university.

I (try to) make music fairly often. My style's fairly broad within "loud electronic stuff" but I like to add a dash of pretentious music theory occasionally to keep things interesting. Currently in a "riddim" phase, for better or worse.

I also sometimes play around with computers (mostly bash, incredibly hacky CSS, and D occasionally), though I don't do this very often any more.

Here's a list of things I tend to post about:
* Complaining about {computers, strangers, cars, cold}
* Snippets of WIP music
* Shameless plugging of finished music
* Cycling
* Pictures! The ones with my horrible face (sans mask) in them are followers only
* Relentless waffling about current hyper-fixations
* Shitposts, jokes, and puns - all mediocre at the absolute best
* Being very flustered at cuties
* The big depresso™

I have a Mental Health First Aid qualification. Value that how you wish, but helping people means a lot to me. If I know you and you feel you just need someone to talk/vent to/at then by all means reach out to me if you'd like ^^ just remember I'm not a therapist so I can't really fix anything.

Above all else I'm here to make friends and be gay!

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Itty bitty little request :boost_ok:

I've been slowly getting more into the idea of turning my music stuff into like *a thing* rather than just me releasing music into the void and not really caring about it much more than that.

That requires ✨publicity✨ though, so said request is if you've listened to some of my music and genuinely liked it, or know someone that might enjoy it, it would mean a tremendous amount to me if you were to share the fact that I exist outside of fedi (e.g. with friends/family, colleagues, giant social media accounts with tens of thousands of followers 👀...). Not asking anyone to go around being a walking advert lmao, just as and when it seems appropriate :)

Key information to save you the need to look at my profile:
Name: Mira
Pronouns: she/they

Thank you <3

Every single time I've played Factorio with someone and we're making a train to bring coal in I always say "we should name the train John" and *nobody* has got the joke without me explaining it



oh no bad yearning bAD YEARNING 🚨 YEARNING THAT IS BAD 🚨

GMC hearing, transphobia 

"No stop you can't provide proper care to trans people that's bad you're supposed to make them wait 4 years then treat them like they don't know themselves unless they lie to you about wanting to fit a very specific prescribed image that applies to basically nobody."

"You're not treating trans people like shit so I'm reporting you to the GMC. Stop showing us up you're making it too obvious how shit we are"

This is what I imagine the GIC people sound like.

I have a security question as someone that doesn't know things 

Say I have a client that has a keypair. This keypair is the user's identity. The client will need to make various authenticated requests to the server. Would it be considered secure to:

* Upon registration with the server, the server generates some long random string and encrypts it with the client's public key which the client then decrypts and sends back to prove it controls the keypair and so is who it says it is.
* This random string is then used as the auth token for all requests by the client.

Like, on the one hand, this feels like the same kind of thing that's done with other stuff to remember logins. But on the other hand, something about exactly the same string being used for extremely long periods of time seems a bit sus (for lack of a better term).

Would doing that but having this string be automatically renewed periodically be the best idea?

Or is all of this terrible security and I should do something completely different? (if so what?)

All this remembering that I do not know things.

The nostalgia thread continues... all the way back to 2008!

These are some of the earliest things I still have from age 7-8. There's technically projects that should go back to 2005 but they'll be on an incredibly old PC and I'm not convinced the HDD in it actually works any more given it's been sat in the loft for over a decade. I kinda want to try and find it now though...

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Funkwhale instance wasn't having a great day earlier so these two were stuck on "processing" when I last left them but they seem to be up now.

2 more from 2012 that are like, actual pieces of music:

It's really interesting spotting traits in this stuff that's still really present in my stuff today like the countermelodies and manually programmed "arps" and things.

I *really* did not know what mixing was at that age though lmao.

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really messed up how with superscript the text is below

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feeling powerful
but not powerful enough to tidy my room

This yearning is so fucking ambivalent like I'm lying here melting of gay thinking about things and it's amazing but in the background there's just depression that it can't happen for quite a long time like shut up let me be gay.


Was all a great time until literally like the last 10 seconds when some fucking impatient twat just drove up straight at me *on my side of the road* and looked mad that I *dare* be in *their* way like fuck off this is my side of the road you (supposedly) have a driver's licence you're supposed to know to pull into the massive space when there's oncoming traffic.

Aaaand then I got a massive spike of anger and some ruminations which hasn't happened in a while which is really concerning because hrt had more or less cleared that up.

Silver lining I banged really hard on their car window because yes they were *that* close to hitting me.

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Cycled 30 miles! That was fun! I definitely overexerted myself though my legs were burning for the last 5-6 miles. Also got really rained on in the last like 5 minutes but I didn't get too wet so all is good.

oh fuck I'm not gonna be 20 any more soon help time is passing

very bad 

on mastodon you can never know if you're about to see a new pretty shade of purple that agatha found or a supervillain's penis

Maybe I should write the program *then* write the document explaining how it works, rather than writing the document first and retroactively implementing parts of the program as I go...

Just *maybe*...

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"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"