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Hi ^^ I'm Mi/Mimi/Mira (21, she/her)

extrovert with social anxiety, lesbian by popular demand, black belt in impostor syndrome

some labels: :nonbinary: :quoigender_flag: :transgender_flag: :bisexual_flag: :polyamory_flag: :anarchy: :neurodiverse: :gay_sign:

I have a music alt @mira where I post about the noises I make, and release music to bandcamp at I also have a site at

Once in a blue moon on a 4th Thursday of February I try and make a computer do something and sometimes the results end up at

I'm a bri'ish immigrant living in Switzerland with my gf and I've been trying to learn German since March so you're more than welcome to talk at me in German and I'd be more than happy to stare extremely confused at it for 10 minutes ^^

I use this account for making friends, not accumulating parasocial followers, so I'm not gonna accept a follow request unless I've seen you on my tl enough to kinda know you, or you introduce yourself first.

Nice to meet you! ^^

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Hey, I made an alt for music stuff (so I can keep this account more just for making friends). All my waffling about music stuff and all that is gonna be over there from now on so follow that account if that's something you want to be subjected to!

πŸŽ‰ @mira πŸŽ‰

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btw if you send me recordings of you making silly/cute noises I will almost certainly try and sneak them into music

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Itty bitty little request :boost_ok:

I've been slowly getting more into the idea of turning my music stuff into like *a thing* rather than just me releasing music into the void and not really caring about it much more than that.

That requires ✨publicity✨ though, so said request is if you've listened to some of my music and genuinely liked it, or know someone that might enjoy it, it would mean a tremendous amount to me if you were to share the fact that I exist outside of fedi (e.g. with friends/family, colleagues, giant social media accounts with tens of thousands of followers πŸ‘€...). Not asking anyone to go around being a walking advert lmao, just as and when it seems appropriate :)

Key information to save you the need to look at my profile:
Name: Mira
Pronouns: she/they

Thank you <3

OH: "I don't get those kind of memes I'm on the fediverse and hacker news"

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"we need a knife for the butter"
"eh we probably don't need butter if there's the sauce"
"ok we can not the butter"
"knot the butter??!?!?!! 😳😳😳😳"

ok maybe not vibing any more 

i may not be worthless but it sure does feel like it

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ok maybe not vibing any more 

why tf do ppl like me anyway
why'd anyone come to me for something they can get from someone else?
*do* ppl even like me?

~ but is ok im vibing atm 

i get touch starved so much faster when im around other ppl huh

half an hour into stardew valley with the polycule: "ok i need my soldering iron" (still hasn't opened the game yet)

review of agatha tea: fruity and nice. tastes literally identical to hot ribena.

was a worthwhdle experience trying it but i will continue with my normal tea

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i made this toot last time the meme happened but i can't find it so im just making it again 

it's me I'm number 13

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Because toilets are made of ceramic, that means that presumably at some point they need to be put in a kiln.

That means that there must be images of large numbers of toilets arranged in formation in a dark room with fire everywhere.

Such images I imagine could have tremendous comedic potential.

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