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Hey, I made an alt for music stuff (so I can keep this account more just for making friends). All my waffling about music stuff and all that is gonna be over there from now on so follow that account if that's something you want to be subjected to!

🎉 @mira 🎉

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btw if you send me recordings of you making silly/cute noises I will almost certainly try and sneak them into music

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Hello ^^ I'm Mira (or Mimi (or Mi (or Daki))). I'm 20 as of posting this. I'm one of those none biney trans girls (she/they) and I am also a pillow.

I'm currently coming to the end of 3 years working as a software engineer making shitty customer exchange systems and approaching the start of 4 years at university.

I (try to) make music fairly often. My style's fairly broad within "loud electronic stuff" but I like to add a dash of pretentious music theory occasionally to keep things interesting. Currently in a "riddim" phase, for better or worse.

I also sometimes play around with computers (mostly bash, incredibly hacky CSS, and D occasionally), though I don't do this very often any more.

Here's a list of things I tend to post about:
* Complaining about {computers, strangers, cars, cold}
* Snippets of WIP music
* Shameless plugging of finished music
* Cycling
* Pictures! The ones with my horrible face (sans mask) in them are followers only
* Relentless waffling about current hyper-fixations
* Shitposts, jokes, and puns - all mediocre at the absolute best
* Being very flustered at cuties
* The big depresso™

I have a Mental Health First Aid qualification. Value that how you wish, but helping people means a lot to me. If I know you and you feel you just need someone to talk/vent to/at then by all means reach out to me if you'd like ^^ just remember I'm not a therapist so I can't really fix anything.

Above all else I'm here to make friends and be gay!

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Itty bitty little request :boost_ok:

I've been slowly getting more into the idea of turning my music stuff into like *a thing* rather than just me releasing music into the void and not really caring about it much more than that.

That requires ✨publicity✨ though, so said request is if you've listened to some of my music and genuinely liked it, or know someone that might enjoy it, it would mean a tremendous amount to me if you were to share the fact that I exist outside of fedi (e.g. with friends/family, colleagues, giant social media accounts with tens of thousands of followers 👀...). Not asking anyone to go around being a walking advert lmao, just as and when it seems appropriate :)

Key information to save you the need to look at my profile:
Name: Mira
Pronouns: she/they

Thank you <3

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fuck yeah here we go

(yes the toms are from never gonna give you up)

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Earlier, Wuthering Heights was playing and someone said "this would sound better at 2x speed" and then played it on their phone and they were completely right and now I need to remix this.

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Flatmate wanted to carve pumpkins with ppl we went to the shop with another flatmate and a friend and got some then came home and made these.

Mine is... mildly cursed. Also spot the animal crossing player.

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Yesterday was one of very few times I actually remembered a dream for a little bit after waking up and I was just vibing or something and when the alarm went off everything suddenly started warping and becoming horrifying and flying towards me before I woke up only to have to lie there being deafened by this fucking alarm completely unable to move.


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so apparently they test the fire alarms here weekly

every thursday

at 9:30am

for about 20 seconds

when I'm asleep

and they're so loud and sudden it literally paralyses me for a whole minute

I have to live with this every week for a year

fuck everything about this

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how the fuck is it only 1pm it feels like 5pm

I wanna add a thing to my bar that's like a scrolling timeline that shows when I have stuff coming up.

2h seminar on time management

tutor didn't show up


oh boy that was a meltdown and a half

uni ~ 

ffs and I just saw the title for the Enhanced Learning seminar tomorrow morning is "Time Management" it is going to be so fucking cringy

i would like to scream

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uni ~, long 

I really hope most of the socsci course isn't like this. It seemed so promising at the start and I was looking forward to more engaging conversations and stuff, but I'm literally having to read these two *incredibly* depressing articles and take notes on them to talk about them tomorrow and it's just gonna be a load of "this fucking sucks let's talk about why".

I don't wanna talk about that. I actively avoid talking about stuff like that specifically because of how much it fucks my mh. I want it to be like "ok yeah shit's fucked but here are some opportunities for us to make things better and here's how we can work together and build better communities and here's how we can treat people better".

I don't want to sit here getting increasingly alienated and pessimistic while some shithead tries to claim that being racist technically isn't racism because of the way some cis white upper-middle-class Oxbridge twat defined it in a dictionary. I wanna sit here and create some optimism and come up with things that we can *actually do*. I wanna talk about anarchism and communes and being queer and mutual aid, not "this massive survey of the UK population shows that the top 3 most trusted organisations are the Military, NHS, and Police" because I saw that and have never felt more alienated from everything in my life jesus fucking christ.

I hate this

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holy SHIT you all gotta listen to this song

Das Geheimnis der Happy Hippo-Insel - Area 5

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Are they (the load of cis guys shouting at each other outside) watching football or are they fighting each other?

extremely gay webcomic being thirsty, suggestive, caps 



I think I look worse than I did like 7 months ago...

Like I have some really femme-looking pictures from then but now my face dysphoria has become much worse and also there's other stuff like the body hair on my front seems to have spread upwards more and facial hair has somehow become more of a problem. Like I went from shaving once every 1-2 days to shaving 1-2 times per day and there's always something left and it sucks.

Only positive changes are that my cheeks are a bit less concave and my chest is a tiny bit less flat.


The face thing is *really* shitty though. Like a few days ago I had a really bad dysphoria day to the point where I saw my face in a mirror and literally recoiled in horror. That's not normal and it's not ok and I don't know what I'm supposed to do about it other than wear a mask 25h a day, 8 days a week.

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