Itty bitty little request :boost_ok:

I've been slowly getting more into the idea of turning my music stuff into like *a thing* rather than just me releasing music into the void and not really caring about it much more than that.

That requires ✨publicity✨ though, so said request is if you've listened to some of my music and genuinely liked it, or know someone that might enjoy it, it would mean a tremendous amount to me if you were to share the fact that I exist outside of fedi (e.g. with friends/family, colleagues, giant social media accounts with tens of thousands of followers 👀...). Not asking anyone to go around being a walking advert lmao, just as and when it seems appropriate :)

Key information to save you the need to look at my profile:
Name: Mira
Pronouns: she/they

Thank you <3

@miramira Remind me when im awake to do something more with the stream shit. IDK what, but at least having proper metadata instead of "SongnameGarbledHash.mp3"

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