My brain just audiated to me a single bar of music and it's simultaneously cursed and absolutely amazing.

115-120bpm dance music kinda thing, punchy drums, same kinda feel as Pow or Bass Face, but this singular bar had lyrics on it...

"Make that skirt go spinny (nya!) [whooshy sound effect]"


Brain side A is laughing. Brain side B feels like I now have some kind of god-given purpose to create this...

2.5 hours later...

Because I'm imagining the "make that skirt go spinny!" bit being enthusiastically spoken rather than sung I could theoretically do it myself but my parents are sleeping in the next room so maybe not just yet lmao.

I got the "nya" from a little audio clip of a streamer that someone posted a while ago then messed with the pitch and stuff to get the intonation I wanted. Would probably prefer something slightly longer tbh.

Other than that, got the whooshy sound, and also a conga jamming the fuck out cause why not lmao.

I was originally gonna only repeat it twice for this little export cause it's just 8 bars of music, but it's too funky not to let it run for a whole minute to be tbh

Calling it now: if I finish this then it'll be like 5 minutes of a catgirl rapping about skirts and it'll be the greatest thing I'll ever make for that reason alone.

Starting to realise that when the lyrics are *supposed* to be agonisingly cringy it's not actually that hard to write them... so uh cw agonisingly cringy lyrics lmao 

Pinafore, polkadot, purple and plaid,
Never enough skirts, we need more to be made!
Spinning round and round, owo what's this?
I can't help but notice, how cute this all is!

Now imagine the backing overdubs are in uwuspeak...

I am simultaneously laughing hysterically and dying inside please send help I've already got 9 rhyming pairs of lines

more incredibly cursed and cringy lyrics 

Easily the best one I've come up with so far:

Remember to take care of your cutie-wutie girl cats
Hormones on the daily and 50 thousand headpats!

7 hours in. Got just about all the main parts in. Most of the time was spent on the lyrics tbf but I'm pretty happy that those are done now so that's cool.

This cursed monstrosity is gonna end up being real isn't it...

It's just occurred to me that this is the first real musical idea I've had since starting HRT.

istg if this is the E's doing...

Only other person in the house atm is my mum and she's downstairs working with the door closed.

Time to make an utter embarrassment of myself in front of a microphone...

Ok do I tease this with just one (surprisingly well mixed for my first real go at vocals ever) nya? Or do I drop the whole fuckin' chorus?

10 hours, 21 minutes

All the time I've had this playing I've just been holding my head in my hands in despair.

This is getting more cringy and esoteric by the minute. If it goes much further it'll just start being innocent and wholesome and that doesn't sound like a bad outcome tbh

what am I doing with my life...

wow putting vocals together is a fucking grind holy shit

Need like 5-10 takes, then go over all of them and pick out 4 parts: main, left, right, and one to be an upper octave, then work through all of that to line everything up, then record each part out, then sort them into the right tracks and mess with pitch shifting and stuff.

Ok so now I've got the chorus and 1 of 3 verses done. 2nd verse should take a similar amount of work as the first. 3rd one I wanna do some fancier stuff with so it'll probably take longer.

Then after that I need to sort out an intro and outro.

Still can't quite believe I'm actually doing this lmao but it's going terrifyingly well like I am fucking bOpping to this

Doing this has given me some pretty good voice practice, and in the process I've realised that putting on my voice makes me sound less like a girl and more just like I did when I was 13 lmao. The pitch up trick makes is sound like I'm 13 and androgynous though so that's cool.

Ok I have the recordings for all the vocals done now so yay 🎉

Now I can mix them down in my own time without worrying I'm being listened to.

Aaaa this is fun. Something I've never got the chance to do before is add loads of extra little sounds that relate to the words along side them I am having a blast doing this.

Ok my voice in verse 2 isn't nearly as good as it was in verse 1 but it's ok. Verse 3 though is great there's loads of parts where I can hear myself smiling

Ok I can see the end of this. No longer burying my head in my hands I am having such a good fucking time making this now.

I should write not-so-serious music more often.

Literally all there is left to do is put a start and an end on it but I'm not sure how I wanna do it aaaaaaa

Brace yourselves, it's done and I'm uploading it in a second.


... so uhhhhh... here's my new track~

Boosts are mandatory <3

If there's enough demand I will make a 10 hour version dw lmao

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This is gonna wind up being my fucking opus magnum isn't it...

Things I learned when making this:

* mixing vocals takes ages but it's a pretty interesting process
* I can do vocals if I need to (as long as it's not sung)
* I do a concerningly good "nyaaa~" for someone that's very definitely incredibly not a catgirl I swear

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