Content warning abbreviations can be a bit confusing, so here are the most common ones:

ph = physical health
mh = mental health
pol. = politics
adj. = adjacent
+ = positively framed
~ = neutrally/uncertaintly framed
- = negatively framed
begpost = crowdfunding request
:boost_ok: = Boosts are okay/appreciated
:birdsite: = Twitter, also known as "Birdsite"

If anyone can think of anything else, we'll happily boost it. But most others tend to be self-explanatory.

@owashii Some more that I see, some used more widely than just cws. Most of these are kinda clear but inevitably they'll be new to someone.

ec = eye contact
ment = mentions of a topic without description (e.g. "sex ment")
tmi = too much information (usually for intimate topics)
OH = overheard (for quoting things ppl have said in person)
sui = suicide (someone else mentioned that one)

Also with +/-, more +s or -s tends to mean things that are particularly positive or negative.

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