Noticing that a good indicator that I'm in a good place is I stop watching youtube.

Completely remade my website so it looks less like a programmer's website and more like some kind of cyberpunk eldritch abomination cross visual assault.

It acts as nothing more than a list of links, but I tried to make it look cool whilst doing so. Has pretty animations and everything! (on hover so it's not overwhelming).

Also it uses zero bytes of JavaScript so it's pretty damn fast by today's standards ^^


... is it possible to style scrollbars so they don't reduce the width of the page? i.e. they sit on top of the page content instead? Then I can make them nice and big and usable without it squashing the page content so much.

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It appears I'm gonna have to have this site do 3-stage responsiveness damn it.

Might as well just have 3 stylesheets at this point

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I'm thirsty but there is a voice I don't recognise downstairs so welp

holy shit I just managed to setup gitweb so snooping around my git stuff isn't a fucking mess any more

:drake_dislike: styling the page content so it is clear and readable
:drake_like: making a cool background

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@ella It's basically what I've made my bandcamp page look like only with css animations.

I can't tell if this looks cool as shit or fucking awful lmao.

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o shit it's bi visibility day

That means it's exactly 1 year since I figured out I was bi holy shit

@ljwrites I use Hurmit mostly. I like how it feels kinda soft and squishy compared to a lot of other monospace fonts which look too pointy for me. I also used ComicMono for a bit but it's not quite as high quality (given it's generated just using a script). Still very charming though.

For serif I keep jumping between most of the SIL fonts. Genitum and Charis in particular.

For sans-serif, I can never really decide. I don't use them much tbf cause I'll often just use a monospace font because I like how they look.


So my natural stress response is sometimes more illness than conscious stress. Like through all of my GCSEs I was totally chill but I had a really bad "cold" for like 3 months straight. There was no virus it was just a stress response.

Anyway I think a similar thing's happening about me going to uni in like a week and a half which is an oof.

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Released!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Lawa Mi (My Mind)

Loud dubstep with a generous helping of bleep bloops and lyrics in Toki Pona!

Enjoy! <3 :boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok:

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