Florisboard updated and now it underlines the word I'm typing and has also decided to randomly delete the contents of the input box while I'm trying to type in codes to verify payments which is infuriating what the fuck is it trying to do

@luci It's like English to the extend that most words follow rules and there are exeptions, except where English has like 2 rules German has like 20 which is way more than is reasonable to learn so in practice they might as well all be completely arbitrary.

hi hello in 82h when this manages to federate

I'm moving to @mi so if you're following me here and would like to continue to follow me fsr then follow that account ^^

May have to toot site myself. Kinda a shame cause I've had this account for a while and every time you move a load of followers go with it which is bleh, but like my account's not much use when it takes hours for anything I post to go anywhere :/

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instance dying :(
federation seems to be rly fucked so media is showing as not available and apparently any replies I send are taking extremely long to arrive
Hopefully it's a temporary issue but I haven't seen any info on if it's a known issue or if anything's being done so idk,,

music theory[citation needed] 

@charlotte im hearing E- ngl (because the II chord is major so you're either in E aeolian or C lydian (which likes to not be tonic)) but its cool when it loops back to C and it sounds like it wants to be a IV and resolve to G and then doesn't I like that.

"Damn it's really hard to tell which of these words are plurals cause they just blend in with all the other words I should look up what the actual rule is so it's easier to spot them"

*looks up plurals in German*

"... what in the actual fuck"

lewd adj, none 

@AgathaSorceress My parents literally asked me why two were short in front of my grandparents and I was like "oh it's so I can still play bass"

@annieversary oh yeah then explain all the christian rock ballads we had to sing along to in primary school

@AgathaSorceress Residence permit permitting I'd come with you if you wanted ^^

OH: "are you gonna post about how I'm looking forward to sleeping because then it'll be a new day and I'll get to eat sosig again?"

@luci (british) centr-e -> centr-al
(american) cent-er -> cent-er-al?

no context 

Preparations for metallurgy are being made

I have been fuckin' executive dysfunctioning and dissociating all day :/

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