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it's getting hot here in the northern hemisphere as we make our way towards summer. make sure you're drinking plenty of water!!!

"Trans women and men don't belong in abortion arguments they don't have a uterus!"

1) It's an inevitability that trans women and femboys will have uterine transplants available to them, and probably in the near future. Perhaps not a widely done procedure, but it will happen.

2) Trans men who have a uterus exist. Some of them want to keep it. They don't want to be told what to do with their uterus either.

3) This is not only about abortion but reproductive freedom in general.

the trombone fandom is dying. repost if you're a true boner

DO NOT FLY THE US FLAG UPSIDE DOWN AS A PROTEST. This isn't a respect thing, it's literally the universal symbol of emergency duress to signal that you need someone to check on you discreetly for emergency assistance. It means your life is in immediate danger and you need assistance *now*.

You *will* get neighbors, paramedics, firefighters, or worse, a cop, knocking on your door to check if you're OK if you do this.

I am begging you to stop saying "humanity" is destroying the planet.

The destruction of the planet is a direct consequence of European colonialism and ongoing cultural, political, and economic imperialism.

White people are destroying the planet.


honestly makes me rlly happy that i get to be a trans woman, and also a scary vampire, in real life
i get to have a pretty name!!! i get to wear dresses!!!! people use my preferred pronouns for me!!! i get to be women and kiss women!!! its so fucking cool

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@math_always_to_tyrants To be brutally honest, I would recommend a local spreadsheet or bullet journal. I love FOSS software but computers (and especially phones) just aren't a good good for sensitive data.

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People have been rightfully pointing out that period tracking apps can collect data that might be used against you (as well as how you should turn your phone off while visiting planned parenthood etc. because of location tracking).

Does anyone know of any offline, encrypted-at-rest menstrual cycle iOS apps? FOSS, preferably.

I'm trying to help someone else. Either way, thanks for continuing to educate people about this awful dystopia we're in. It helps.

You'd think liberals would see the long historical cold war thread of liberals and conservatives joining hands in the anticommunist project, the resultant removal of the left from institutional power, the slow decline in living standards that followed, and how this ended with the overturning of Roe.

But nah, let's just blame "Bernie Bros" and relitigate 2016 instead

*yelling at the child coal miners* "get out there and VOTE!"

watching technology connections and becoming a heat pump stan

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If I love someone, I should love all of them, not just the parts that I like. I should also fight for the autonomy of all people, regardless of whether or not I agree with what they do with that autonomy. I don't necessarily have to engage in an activity that I think is sinful--that's an issue of my own autonomy--but I should always support other people's right to THEIR autonomy, and never tell them that they are in the wrong for doing what they believe is right.

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One might say that the Quran can be used to police other people's actions, as it is God's word. However, there are many ways to interpret the Quran. If I do anything other than quote the Quran directly, even adding commentary, I have added my own bias. That's no longer God's word, it's mine. Nobody is under any obligation to follow my word, or that of any other human. Therefor, it is still not my place to tell other people what to do, even if I explain with the Quran why I believe what I'm saying.

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Second, we cannot determine other people's morality. Only God can determine our morality for us. I cannot tell you that what you're doing is immoral, because I cannot know all the reasons you're doing it. I can say if it hurts me, and others can say if it hurts them, but beyond that, it is not my place.

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