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using my monthly post to say that hi! i'm making a conlang and i put a page on my site about it @ check back often because i'll probably be updating it pretty frequently

also, here's the image i put on the page. it's transparent so black backgrounds will fuck with it so open it in another tab

monthly post to say that yes, i still have a masto. as for what i've been doing, i've been working on an essay for my website, as well as media for a few botb batols on the side. also there's school but school doesn't count

ive just been exploring your world of text for a while lately. its like grafitti but real-time and faster-cycling. everything is ephemeral to some extent on ywot

a your world of text screenshot account would be cool

my hobby: making ridiculously low-resolution facial expressions

i dont think i ever posted this here. heres an pixel art i did of my sona, a frilled lizard. im really proud of how this turned out because i've never done a pixel art before (or for that matter, anything with my drawing tablet whatsoever)

i feel like i've subsumed using 'an' sometimes for non-vowel-starting nouns into my idiolect. it started as a bit but now it's an idiolect

i did an silly 3d render thing for an little art competition and won about it. wonder how this will embed

i really want to get into ytping. my first [strikethru]target[/strikethru] source: The Geometry Center

everyone who sees this post should listen to the Project S-11 OST instantly

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lipu ku li kama! ni li pona mute tawa mi tan ni: ni li lipu pi toki pona tan mama pi toki pona, taso ni li jo e nimi mute tan kulupu pi toki pona!
ni la, jan ike ken ala toki e ni: "tonsi li nimi pi toki pona ala".
pona mute mute!
(mi wile e lipu ni taso mi jo ala e mani a a a)

lipu ku li pona mute. tenpo kama la, mi jo e ku

i should commit to learning sign language so i can actually do the thing where i dont use my voice in informal settings


froot loops marshmallows are the best kind of marshmallows because not only do they taste the best but they also are very good stimmy: you can A. mold them together into one giant marshmallow ball B. they crush real good C. they're good for chewing when crushed and D. they make a fun high-pitched tin cry noise. it's very good

decadozenal is a really cool radix because it renders all prime reciprocals up to 17 really well (repeating representations included). the really cool part of this is, despite not being a factor of 1/119 or 1/121, 1/13 only needs three repeating digits. maybe i'll make a big writing about this

i should learn toki pona more. theres toki pona only channels on the toki pona discord but im too lurky to talk there

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so apparently the album butterfly 3000 by KGATWL uses a lot more polymeter than i heard on first listen, which is really really cool

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