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If I've rejected your follow request go check your bio for pronouns. If there are none, that's why. (pronouns are not the only criterion though)

that feeling when some electronic device you have drifts just *a little bit* time-wise each and every day and you look at it and it is EXACTLY one day off now and you just shout "YES!!!!!" to nobody in particular

the princess you needed to rescue was inside you all along

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@chemelia I must confess I find myself quite unhappy to learn that there is a vaccine for salmonella and we do not use it in the place where I get my eggs.

I have spent the better part of my life in fear of this tiny pestulence, and there seems to be no reason whatsoever that I should need to.


Spent some time scrolling through twitter, and I’m pretty sure twitter people are not okay

When you're in a dystopic society but you're just resigned to it, that's Ohwellian.


someone, like it's a good thing: "we had … well and truly left the stone age, and into a new era of empire"


fucked up the tommorow has two 'r's and but a single 'm'

silly fedi game idea 

what if there was a pair of fedi accounts that each blocked a complementary half of the fediverse at random, and then we got the two halves to play battleship or something via polls

litterally the only thing keeping this show together

both like, he does way more work than the others

and also his magic is what makes most of the suspension of disbelif work

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"She who touches the computer shall soon lose track of her gender"
-- Ada Lovelace, Goddess of Computers

some new github bullshit 

@spacekookie I'ma build some tiny villages, 500 km apart.


($x-industrial complex)-industrial complex


fucked up how 'hydraulic fluid' doesn't mean 'water'

If IEEE 754 is so good how come there's no IEEE 755.00006103515625?

the sound of steel wheels rolling on steel track, when you listen below the sounds of the joins in track and the flanges and the couplings,,,,

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