Does this exist?
An editor that:
- Is keyboard-driven
- runs in a gui, not a tty
- does not do split-views/window management
- is extensible/scriptable
- open source
- maintained
- supports lsp
- non-modal for basic tasks
- not web/electron based
(I know the answer is no, but how close can I get?)

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@powerofzero Does gvim or gmacs count on the GUI thing, or is that just an embdeded TTY for you? (not sure about the lsp thing though, IDK what that is)

@MxCraven Gvim would get most of the gui points, because what I care about most is that the pseudoterminal doesn't eat keystrokes, but the other things I like are non-uniform font sizes, non-uniform fonts, italics, proportional fonts, and other typographic niceties, and I don't think gvim does those. (Does it??) Also, I'm not really a fan of the fully modal model of vim. What I would like the best would be that normal typing always just inserts, and have commands be done with Ctrl, but have those commands be (at least somewhat) modal (ie. have a "move" command that most of the time moves extended grapheme clusters, but you can switch into "word mode" or "paragraph mode" and then the same "move" binding will move words or paragraphs. Though for some super common things (like seek by word) I would just want them bound non-modaly (Though this could also be satisfied by having two interchangeable modes, so ie by default ctrl+<command> is character mode, and meta+<command> is word mode, and one can be switched to "paragraph mode" when you need that. (even better would be three modifers/mode slots, with one that would be bound to window manager commands, but that would require significantly more editor-os integration (which I think should exist, but I know requires a significant amount of architecting to do, and so won't happen any time soon.)))) (whoops went probably too far into that.)

@powerofzero I mean, it does do split views but you don't have to

@rachelrosen Emacs is what I currently use. I am mostly looking for something that is a lot smaller, and then to factor more things into my compositor.

@rachelrosen Yeah I figured it probably doesn't exist. Oh well. Emacs will have to do for now.

@powerofzero if you are feeling brave you could go the route of writing your own editor

@rachelrosen See but I’m not brave I’m just stupid so I ended up sketching out designs for an entire os when I last tried that. (and I’m still sketching on that)

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