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Yes, hello, 1312. Land back. Indigenous style anarchy please.

This is an aggressively abolitionist account. I do not buy into the PIC, the MIC, the settler colonial state nor the fake concept of whiteness. I am also not a fan of retribution of any sort. I prefer recompense, equity and true freedom. Argue with your mother. I'm old and the only person imma baby is my actual child mmk? I AM NOT YOUR MAMMY. Pay me for my time, emotional labor and for the /usually/ gentle education and resources I provide (unless you've angered me and then just pay me for having to perceive your bullshit).

I don't want your broke, unspiced takes on issues that directly affect my marginalized to hell and back self and those who look like me across the world. We call it a diaspora (no relation to blogging service.) for a reason and we all are struggling in the same nonsense in different ways depending on location.

I am tired of y'all. On every platform including this one. :|

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If I don't caption something please know it's because I literally didn't have the spoons. I think in pictures and translating my feelings to text is often extremely difficult and frustrating for me. That's what I would have to do to caption a gif. It's often not going to happen. It's not laziness it's literally "brain no words good rn"

The milk tea just made me sleepy. It's not supposed to do that...

Well...nothing to do until this afternoon, maybe I should try to go back go sleep...

transphobia, linguistic rant 

Who the fuck decided transphobia was feminine in French? Who the fuck do I need to box? The irony of gendering the concept in the first place.

Anyway I got this flatish pillow ray the other day. It's doofy and the color makes no sense. The head looks like a butt with eyes. It's great.

It has a tail but I'm not photographing more of my bed than this 😂

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Watching Puccini's Tosca and drinking my milk tea in a flannel as the annoying ass birbs chirp in the park.

It's a nice day, even if I was woken up by a phone call and couldn't go back to sleep. It's Saturday people, TAKE THE DAY OFF. jfc (last week someone called me at almost 2am on a business matter on Saturday. if my do not disturb had not automatically turned on they would have gotten cussed out because waking me for anything short of an emergency is how you end up on my bad side very fast)

@ida why do I literally never see anything you post in the local timeline or anywhere else? you're posting. I can see that. I just cannot see any of those posts? What is happen

Really annoys me that Mads Mikkelsen is so goddamn fabulous an actor. He's so good he ruins the standard for basically everyone else. There are a few other really excellent actors on his level but they're all aging pretty aggressively and also when you put him in a work with people who don't act as well, it's painful to watch.

personal life 

Pig boy has left. Now is my opportunity to get coffee and breakfast and scurry back upstairs before he returns (although given how early he is leaving it is probably for airsoft and he'll be gone all day)

Related: watch Objectified. Y'all could use some industrial design insight. :/

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Sad to see that whenever anyone who makes software talks about what they want from it, their list of criteria almost never includes the word accessible.

If you're not designing from the baseline of accessibility FIRST you're excluding a significant amount of people. Including possibly other developers. :|

I've really gotta put more friction between myself and online shopping D:

idek violence or whatever? 

I had to turn it off. It got unexpectedly violent out of nowhere in a way that turned my stomach.

Ironically comfort-rewatching Hannibal because I understand Will on a visceral level and also I EXPECT the violence in this because it's about a cannibal serial killer so...

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Personal problems with an internet stranger 

I'm fed the hell up with white cosplayers

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Personal problems with an internet stranger 

Disney needs to stop making live action films.

I also hope this angela cunt gets ratio'd for her behavior and loses her career. No one with that nasty attitude of hers should be doing parties for children. Disgusting bitch.

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Personal problems with an internet stranger 

Turns out white women are really really bad at reading the room online and off.

Just had to block fancyfairyangela on IG over her incredibly hostile response to my confusion over Yara Shahidi being chosen to play Tink in a live action film no one asked for.

It feels like pandering. Yara's time is better spent on other projects that won't potentially kill her fucking career.

I can't wait to look at the story tomorrow, see who's seen it and then see the drop in numbers the next day on similar content. Unlike the typical person, I gleefully delete people on social media as often as possible and take great pleasure in shrinking my circle. I like to think of it as curation. At heart I really am a minimalist even if my large amounts of personal effects contradict that notion.

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Started watching The Stranger on Netflix. Absolutely thrilling so far. Only on episode 2 and very engaged. The last time this happened was with Dark.

I think things looking up has me feeling bold because I've just put my entire personal network on notice that they're eligible to get cut off shortly. I'm partially hoping the train-wreck front row view hopefuls will weed themselves out so I don't need to.

This thread will be for my Halloween content suggestion lists that I am currently mocking up to post on IG. They require a lot of work to sort through and post so I'm going to just post them once I have the spoons to type them out in captions as well. That moment is not now.

Please look forward to it. Halloween is a lifestyle for me so I just really want to share what I love most.

Also please do not request to follow me on IG if we're newly acquainted. It is only for friends, family and my hobby community at the moment.

Hellenic classics rant, misogyny 

Also, let's discuss why he put all of that bad shit into one fuckin box in the first place??? No. He and the other hellenic gods did this. Stop blaming her. Also p sure a human man gave it that title because he hated women. Fuck that guy too.

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Hellenic classics rant, misogyny 

Stop calling it Pandora's box when she didn't create the damn thing, Zeus did. It's Zeus' box and blaming the woman even in fiction is super not ok. A literal deity gave a trusting, hapless human woman a box and needlessly complicated instructions on handling it and somehow DIDN'T think her natural curiosity would get the better of her. COME ON

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