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Please note I do not accept follow requests from people I haven't interacted with at all. That's why it's locked in the first place. It's a control measure after years of being burned by online strangers. I'd say it's nothing personal but that would be a lie. It is personal. I don't know you. Not even a sliver. Go away until we've talked first. And even then I might yet place a stay on making any formal decision on approval or dismissal. I'm happy to let requests sit eternally.

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Yes, hello, 1312. Land back. Indigenous style anarchy please.

This is an aggressively abolitionist account. I do not buy into the PIC, the MIC, the settler colonial state nor the fake concept of whiteness. I am also not a fan of retribution of any sort. I prefer recompense, equity and true freedom. Argue with your mother. I'm old and the only person imma baby is my actual child mmk? I AM NOT YOUR MAMMY. Pay me for my time, emotional labor and for the /usually/ gentle education and resources I provide (unless you've angered me and then just pay me for having to perceive your bullshit).

I don't want your broke, unspiced takes on issues that directly affect my marginalized to hell and back self and those who look like me across the world. We call it a diaspora (no relation to blogging service.) for a reason and we all are struggling in the same nonsense in different ways depending on location.

I am tired of y'all. On every platform including this one. :|

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If I don't caption something please know it's because I literally didn't have the spoons. I think in pictures and translating my feelings to text is often extremely difficult and frustrating for me. That's what I would have to do to caption a gif. It's often not going to happen. It's not laziness it's literally "brain no words good rn"

I have to get it over with before the wedding because then I have to tell her in front of other people. I prefer not to break down in front of my friends and cousins. None of them have ever seen me cry. EVER. I'd like to keep it that way.

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I tell her everything. Why is telling her I love her so panic inducing?

How did I not realize that Windenburg in Sims 4 was based on Vienna low key? lol

I had a poor reaction to my partner's good friend worrying about us moving to her hometown. Hi, I've been Black, Indigenous and queer my entire life. I also dress like I'm trying to call aliens in the daylight. I'll be fine. We probably won't go outside much anyway.

Like thanks for worrying but also mind your own fucking business. I don't need useless concern from a white woman. I really don't. It's microaggression.

I am still drunk from last night oh my god

Look...I know I'm marrying my best friend. We've been aggressively queerplatonic for over a decade now. But I didn't realize I was in love with her until this morning and now I am absolutely gay panicking super duper hard about it.

I don't wanna tell her. I don't wanna fuck things up. 😭

I have had a jarring epiphany this morning and I'm struggling with yet another existential crisis over it. So fun for me.

I am sick of my compassion and patience being used against me in an employment context.

I'm fucking cracking and these assholes just want to push me to the complete edge. They're probably expecting me to quit. No. Fire me. Your systems and processes are the problem. I'm not quitting.

Adulting so hard this morning I could have been late to work.

I work in my bedroom. lol

I'm really disappointed in myself for breaking my nintendo. I can't believe I did that

I literally let my mom talk me out of moving to France. I have so many regrets.

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Also upsets me that while I can't get EU citizenship for 6 years after the wedding, I don't need anything more than my diploma to get my education at this drastically reduced rate??? What??? ALSO NO POINTLESS LIBERAL ARTS CLASSES OR USELESS TO MY COURSE MATHS. UGH

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I genuinely have no idea qhat things cost I've been in the fifth biggest capitalist hellscape my entire life. I'm in my 30s

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Wifey: BTW, you can study in Austria but it's 726,72€ per semester
Me, a Californian: it so cheap? That's just registration fees here???
Her: it's 700x more than I paid? That's expensive!

I am both trying not to rush but also in a hurry to move to Austria. Days like today when my partner is exhausted and grumpy I would prefer to cook her something than be 5000mi/8050km away unable to help. She's so grumpy and I can't do anything for her.

CW: weapons, safety issue, stalking 

TIL that tasers ionize the air molecules. You can smell it.

Why do I know this? Because my coworker kindly ordered me one. My stalker is back and has my address somehow 🙃

Also coked fruits are undervalued and delicious

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Made jackfruit fried rice the other week and you know what? That shit is still good NOW. It's been almost a month. Cooking with the right sauces is a wonder

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