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who wants to go to random places and just music ur heart out with me

girl hornt reply: omg you're so cute i love your boobs! wow 😍
guy hornt reply: MMMM BABEY.... cant look away from you're ass..... rely wanna put my THING in ther......... fuck babye your so hot.... MMMMMmmmm wannt to lick thw sweat offof yoru eybrowns.....

had a dream I was a vampire last night. very sexy

a coin has two sides
- boring
- outdated
- imprecise

a coin has three sides
- interesting
- little edgy
- doesn't actually matter because the third side has very low probability

a coin has one side because it is topologically isomorphic to a sphere
- subversive
- intellectual
- implies that money can be stretched and squished, reminding you of the fact that money has no inherent or fixed value

be the gender you want to see in the world

*does an elaborate magical girl transformation sequence*
*looks exactly the same at the end*
i was already magical :3

*sees a trans girl*
me: *hiding my enthusiasm* kinda cute I guess

enbies: I'm not a bee *and* I'm not a skeleton

cis: oh I see. you're half way between a bee and a skeleton!

oh so sonic did the thing where they make the pyramids in the middle of nowhere like all cinema does when the reality is that there's an ice cream place right behind the fence of the sphinx huh

fuck all y'all

mfw when is cold i just toss on a hoodie & maxiskirt over my clothes and both of those are black so *just scutters around the house looking like a 12th century slightly evil mysterious traveler*

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"