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i am the most huggable mastodon user

and here's proof :blobcathug:

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giving off anticlout energy so bootlickers unfollow

if i existed in meat space and wasnt just an anime enby id say uwu in it and nobody could stop me

its just so frustrating because like no amount of praxis you do, whether its going to community group sessions to preach about why capitalism is bad or why trans people deserve rights because if you consume from designated bad corporation youre a bad leftist
thats not how it works, thats not how its ever worked. we need to understand what "no ethical consumption under capitalism" MEANS. it means we must uproot capitalism, not expect to be able to change shit by "voting with our dollars"

YouTube, YouTube Walkout, and COPPA (232 words) 

You know, I bet sometimes people will think I'm ignoring them because I can't hear them over my headphones, and it makes me sad because I want them to know the truth: I'm ignoring them because they're being ableist shitheads.

man it's absolutely astounding how capitalism has made the means of subsistence so advanced that so few people actually need to be involved in the basic work of meeting human needs like producing food, compared to even just a hundred years ago.

and then we take all of the labor power freed from that and instead of like, reducing the workweek, or investing it in education or science or art, we invented bullshit industries like advertising to keep everyone working but make sure society doesn't get better

never not astounding to me when fantasy writers can imagine a world with unique magic and competing intricate factionalism but can't imagine a world without homophobia

I can't wait for #caturday for this one. Roanoke being regal and wistful.

Replace 👏 every 👏 fight-scene 👏 with 👏 an 👏 epic 👏 dance-off

This seems like a great week to finally get into PeerTube.

Today's Gender Is 

*Goes up to a queer couple* so which one of you is the ancient reptile that rose from the deeps and which one is the tender green shoot that trembles in the little world upon its back

‘We were lied to’: bankruptcy leaves truckers stranded as holidays near 

(goes up to a queer couple)

oh my gosh hi, I'm so sorry to bother you, I'm just a huge fan and I wanted to say thank you for your work omg (bumps into a wall)

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"