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Hi, my name is Sammi. I deal with big networks for big conventions. My SLA is 100% because 1% = 1.375/hrs in convention world.

I'm a student in San Diego that likes hacking on old hardware, breaking cars, sleeping, wondering why my brain doesn't produce anymore Adenosine after drinking 5 cups of coffee, and cracking WEP.

Links n' things
Coffee fund:

Remember to log your rick rolls, it can be quite useful for debugging!

I was doing homework but then I was reminded about my read list now I am reading why communism is best for Wyoming


Me: Jeez I want some genuine waffle house


I had beans for dinner

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who wants to come watch anime I got some good episodes I want to get though

about to setup a new hypervisor wish me luck

Accidentally left my laptop rendering in a enclosed laptop sleeve and in a waterproof bag.
This is a fun start to a project

mh, gender tomfoolery 

dysphoria is cool but what about d i s a s s o c i a t i o n

I am going to start sneaking in SCP material into my assignments for college and see if anyone will notice

I keep forgetting I shouldn't be drinking coffee at 6:23 in the afternoon


jfc they actually put it in the student calendars

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"