shooting stars coming from the side

Consider this me screaming into the void.

ida has blister teeth and you should make fun of them for it

I want to become a hag and perform terrible deeds to mortals. Make shitty tea, gossip with my hag friends

Chivalry will be dead and i will have killed them

i have pulled the sword from the dragon's chest. i have won the touchdown adn i wield the might sword of arthur. (its named excalibar) i have struck down the hideous beast, they are dead, i have won the touchdown

cw: politics, vocaloid, death 

hatsune miku stepping onto the stage holding the decapitated head of scott morrison

please unfollow ida rifght now everybody they are not good or cool

eurobeat vocalist racism apology video (shocking)

today i pee in m,y own balls 

today i pee in my own balls

today i pee in my own balls 

today i pee in my own balls

This blogsite is from here on in only posting funny blogposts and no more bad ones. That's it, folks. Sorry to disappoint, from here on in I'm only making good and hot takes for the masses.

@ida is a cringe liberal and they will never succeed on this BAD TWITTER

i have an idsue with @ida can you vore gargon

i'm going to murder my df (demi friend) and bury them in the woods nearby in bisbane queensland near the 9 news network station

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"