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cock and ball cbt 

holy word of the lord YAHWEY, infanticide 


on further deliberation i will not vore ida the beam police because they are not my real cousin.

instead i will

deleted and redrafted


deletyed and redrafted.

dekleted and redrafted.

when this post hits 10 reports i will swallow a whole admin

fucK all of you report me please i ffuckign beg of you please reoirt ne ui neeed like 10 reports

*i'm going to leave mrs fritz. deleted and redrafted

imma finna about tohead out ms fitzdelerted and redrafted

ida tok my shitposts away i will leave madstonadon

i cant wait for bofA to electric boogalodeleted and redrafted for ggoodnfriends

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"