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introduction :boost_ok: 

i'm aster, your local washingtonian who divorced from their gender in 2015. 25yo, white, . use they/them or ey/em for me!

nerd out about or with me, i don't mind at all!

a game called diaries of a spacecraft janitor? sign me up!

i've just found out about transgender.... this is fuckin epic stuff

Donate to the legal fund to help land protectors who were arrested while blocking the road to "mount rushmore" yesterday!

Urgent help request, relocation (boosts+) 

Does anyone on Snouts live in or around the Central Florida area and have space for someone to stay for the forseeable future? I'm in very dangerous living conditions and I desperately need out. I need to transport a rather hefty load of things from my current location so a car/truck would need to be provided.

mastoadmin / block gab 

@gabwatch's most active user (probably an admin/moderator with access to the ops account) appears to defend federating with gab as completely harmless. I would suggest defederating from

#MastoAdmin #FediBlock

Does anyone want a used Ikea desk and lives in/can get to the Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) area to haul it away?

Includes two levels of shelving and slide-out surfaces.

It served me well for many years and I'd hate for it to go to landfill.

photography, gushing about new camera, smol frog 

this camera has its own wifi network so i can literally just connect my phone to it and beam RAWs/JPGs directly to my phone gallery?? AND i can CONTROL MY CAMERA FROM MY PHONE

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Just a reminder that the US is celebrating "independence" today while still holding Puerto Rico, the (US) Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands as colonies.

Anyone have recommendations for gaming podcasts hosted by women of color?

happy "let's shoot aerial fireworks off in broad daylight when we barely see them and it only serves as noise pollution" day

She Is Rehydrating.
In The Garden, A Japanese Tree Frog, 2019/05/06.

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"