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bash one-liner to display e621 posts in feh. put this in a file and run it with the tags you want as arguments, or replace $@ with the tags

pro-lifers should randomly be forced to donate organs. Taker's choice

the idea that "kid's media" doesn't have to be high-quality because "thryre just children!!!1!" is so asinine. young kids are capable of understanding systems of behavior and problem solving, which i think should justify more intelectually stimulating media.

kid cartoon ramblings 

watching one of them new spong bop episodes
i don't like the writing. i hate the body horror but like
the way the characters talk and act is so far from what i remember the show being like it almost loops back around to being funny

but like i don't feel well doing that to a show that's been getting stretched thinner and thinner for 13 years

it's become a ridiculous parody with characters amplified to their logical extremes [kind of] without feeling out of character, which i love

but that didn't happen because the writers who replaced the old ones were more open to new ideas, it happened because the new ones steadily had more of a grasp on how to stimulate babies than write spongebob episodes, which the executives behind the show don't mind because that's not what they're damn here for

we teach girls to shrink themselves, to fit themselves more compactly in a transistor. we expect girls to double in processing efficiency every two years. we say to sufficiently advanced girls, you are indistinguishable from magic

Reposting this meme with alt text

(I would give credit, but I don't know who originally made it, possibly this Reddit user:

spiders may be scary, but they can be helpful to have in the house! they can control pests like green goblins and doctors octopus

i could never be a dom. being mean/pushy makes me feel bad.

AU where everything is exactly the same but Mario is french this time

I accidentally sucked an open bottle of lavender oil into my vacuum and I seem to have inadvertently created the world’s most powerful essential oil diffuser

Ezri: Please sign my petition to make revealing spoilers a criminal offence.

@trwnh heartbreaking story: decent search engine evolves into evil megacorporation

Did I ever post a photo of all the bats that used to live under my deck in Arkansas? I kept hearing this squeaking sound coming from the deck and went down to investigate and was surprised to see hundreds of pairs of eyes looking back at me. (CW: a lot of bat eye contact)

what do yall think about The Calyx Institute's XMPP server?

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