Oh baby, one ongoing problem at work shielded me from another one becoming an emergency. I love it when a garbage fire comes together!

@sam i was trying to dig up some internet curses thanks to you but I found this instead i hope you like it

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very important bat pics 

aaaaaaaaaaaa my head time to eat ibuprofen like a box of nerds

who stopped shoveling beans into the instance engine

is it possible to make a big mood from the lego blocks of many tiny moods?

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todays obsession is deaf cats being LOUD

the ultimate kitty screms

i still mourn the passing of the snickers snacklish generator

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suicidal ideation 

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I have built a new cat tree, I have deployed the outdoor cat shelter, and I pushed a car until I passed out. I need a weekend from my weekend.

I should have ordered that outdoor cat shelter earlier. I feel bad for the neighborhood buddy since the temperature dropped real hard today.

transphobia in the workplace 

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"