Dominions 5 is the only game I can play 

In another corner I can also get these doofus cheaters I mean really

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Dominions 5 is the only game I can play 

Trying out a new faction. Had a magical castle appear out of nowhere that due to faction magic only has lady warriors to recruit. So now I have the Queen Mama Gaga leading her lady knights and women at arms.

Back on my Dominions 5 nonsense 

Oh no they are banding together now

Dominions posting 

Or perhaps it is time to be a giant lady who wields a snake in each hand and leads dinosaur-riding amazons into battle

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I had an extremely silly conversation which apparently activated my friend who drew this for me. I am very proud of them so I am pinning it to my digital fridge for all to see.

Well I can be sure that this coworker is not @ida just another thousand to check through


Sammy, the neighbor kitty (old picture attached), came to visit today now that the rain has let up and she brought a friend!!

Unfortunately the new kitter is very shy and ran away before I could get my phone out. Still, I look forward to being able to meet them again.

bad waves from the ATM 

great, im even being put down by the atm

If Werner Herzog is so great how come he didn't get a seq-

instance admin is offline time to post the chart of electromagnetic radiations

I have learned a TRUTH

Turns out the neighborhood kitty (pictured) is named Samantha and Sammy does in fact have a home they go back to. I just get my own real life @sam to show up at my house and demand food when I get home from work in the morning.

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"