my cat does not appreciate that I am trying to work to pay for the cat bed he isn't using in lieu of my hands

the cosplay i bought for my wife came in and she is so adorable in it

she also didn't murder me for getting it like i thought she was going to

hooray i am back to being extremely limited in my ability to type and having to try and deal with getting doctors appointments during the pandemic again

instead of fighting all this dust i have decided to become the dust magistrate

just realized i can just buy cute clothes for my wife and nobody can stop me until she finds out i am doing it

help I've got a problem and its a neverending playlist of touhou music

I found some sugar free chocolate that actually tastes decent which is helping my problem of having to cancel my wedding ceremony yet again

digiverse is a much better term than internet

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"