derek does all the things hes supposed to get to sometime challenge 2020

Cloudflare single-handedly brought down npm by total accident for two hours today

Don't you just love centralized infrastructure

i eat dry cereal and my favorite cereal is plain cheerios

I actually like admin things but its more like "ugh I gotta figure out which chores I can put off"

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instance meta 

vi or emacs

oh shit speaking of not remembering to do things i was supposed to migrate that database huh

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but that also requires remembering to do that when i get home

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bluh i should just delete and reupload my funkwhale library, some of these tracks are borked

Yesterdays high: 76°f
Today's high: 63°f
Tomorrow's high: 53°f

What the goddamn hell is happening in az right now

My immune system is not happy

Funkwhale registrations are now open (the instance only sharing method was silly and I shouldn't have set it up that way)

If I know ya (and as such sharing my collection is not explicitly piracy), request my music via (Add Content > Remote Libraries), and even if I don't have fun with non-sucky cloud music streaming :blobcat3c:

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"