i got fifty seven words for you dude: i got fifty words for you buddy: i got fourty two words for you pal: i got thirty four words for you dude: i got twenty five words for you my guy: i got eighteen words for you friend: i got eleven words for you pal: i got four words for you b

unabashedly fine with anyone pirating from disney

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this is the image wikipedia decided to use as an example of a dank meme

i haven't been able to stop thinking about making this post all day

hot take, if you're taking a lyft or an uber or something right now, you need to leave a tip if you can at all afford it

if i drive someone half a mile and the fare is $6 (and the system penalizes you for skipping this passenger), that can break down to:

- 10 minutes driving to you
- 5 minutes driving you to the place
- ⚠️ 15 minutes sterilizing the back seat to keep my car safe for yall ⚠️
- lyft takes $4
- ~$1 spent in gas
- 10 mins waiting for the next ride

i've made $1 in 40mins

please tip

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@stolas to put on my srs hat a bit more...

honestly i get this feeling a lot myself. it is a hard time to be disabled and unable to work.

but i also keep reminding myself that... "a human must be useful and productive in order to exist" is bullshit. it is the very bullshit that my allies and friends are fighting against. and it's not bullshit that is hard-coded into human nature. (see the anecdote of a noted anthropologist, margaret mead, being asked what the first sign of a civilization was - and her answering 'a healed femur'. goodreads.com/quotes/10204722- there are also plenty of archaeological digs that are from burials of people - even neanderthals, and earlier - dying old, old enough to where they wouldn't have been able to work or hunt for themselves, and quite possibly hadn't been able to do that for years, and other cases where the person obviously had some sort of birth defect and yet was supported by the community also for years despite "uselessness". to be human is NOT to tell someone they must be working to be valuable. even the neanderthals knew this, and they took care of the sick and elderly, and buried them with love, with kindness, with offerings of flowers and beads.)

and honestly... existing can be "productive". just sticking around when there are lots of motherfuckers ready to try and make you not exist? that's a battle. that's a battle that takes effort, and that you should give yourself credit for fighting.

we want a compassionate future where everyone is included. not just the productive. not just the profitable. everyone. and that includes me, and it also includes you.

still being here when forces want you in the dirt is noble in and of itself.

death to america 

Sanders amendment to cut Pentagon budget (current proposal $705.4 billion) by 10% and reallocate funds to social programs such as education and health care fails 23-77

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lmfao @skehmatics broke his multimeter by accidentally probing across a lipo in current mode

My downstairs neighbor is once again playing loud music - which already makes my apartment vibrate quite a bit - but every now and then, the bass hits the resonant frequency of my walls and I hear my light fixtures rattle

copy and pasted from somewhere


Homos sapiens have existed for about 200 thousand years. Now that’s a long, long time. Wanna know how long that is, that’s about, according to the CIA world fact book, 10,000 generations. That timeframe encompasses all of human existence.

200 thousand years is about 2,400,000 months. The average Canadian makes around $39,000 per month and the average American makes around $33,000 per month.

If you were an average Canadian and you have worked every month from the dawn of humanity till now, you would have a net worth of $93,600,000,000. That’s a lot, like a lot of money. The average American would have $79,200,000,000 had they worked the same amount. But the point of this isn’t to point out that Canadian’s make more, in fact if the Canadian traded everything in for US dollars he would have less money than the American, rather, this is to point out the amount of money oligarchs make.

See, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has a net worth of 176 billion dollars. In numbers this is $176,000,000,000. Meaning that if you were to have made the average US earnings every month since the dawn on humanity, you would still have almost 100 billion dollars less than Jeff Bezos.

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"