you ever take a step back at like your krita document or whatever and you're like "damb... i really drew this"

I am going to commit a crime against microsoft

if your user agent can't render the symbols… 

the joke is that they're in undeciphered ancient language Minoan Linear A

the actual ISO 3758:2012 standard laundry symbols can't even be added to Unicode because of copyright issues

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care instructions for femme fashion:

• this care instructions tag is load-bearing and must not be removed
• even if it's poking you
• especially if it's poking you

• no end user serviceable fabrics inside
• or outside
• even reading the rest of this tag voids the warranty and puts you on a watch list
• but if you must:

• wash with like colors only
• we know there are no like colors in your wardrobe, because you picked this as a unique accent piece
• in fact, we have added color blocks and/or print panels, so that it can't even be washed with *itself*
• why yes, we are proud of ourselves

• turn inside out before washing
• both yourself and the garment, if you can manage

• do not dry clean
• do not machine wash
• hand wash cold
• cold. we said *cold*. way colder than that. go empty out your icemaker.

• no soap
• no detergent
• no bleach
• no ionizing radiation
• no non-ionizing radiation
• no harsh language

• line dry
• clothesline and backyard and sun absolutely not included
• you live in an "apartment"? what's that?

• if damaged, this garment cannot be replaced, or even approximated, because:
• it's no longer made
• the entire style is passé
• the vendor went out of business
• the manufacturer went out of business
• the animals, vegetables, and/or minerals we made the fabrics from are extinct, depleted, and/or illegal
• also you don't remember where you got it in the first place

• instruction codes for laundry service follow:
• 𐘐 𐘑 𐘒 𐙓 𐘵 𐘶 𐘷 𐘸 𐘰

"money doesn't matter" -rich guy

"beauty doesn't matter" -gorgeaous lady

"having epic swag doesn't matter" -aoife

food shitpost 

spicy chicken nuggies, like God intended

Covid, facetious tone mocking brands, "cancel culture" 

We need to put #CancelCulture to good use and #Cancel Covid!!

Come to The Slate™ pizzaria and espresso bar for our grand re-opening to get 10% off your order if you say "Covid is #cancelled" to your server.

we have to face the facts that our very existence is morally evil, and also that the burden of this evil does not fall on you

everything you do contributes to the harm of others, but this isn't because you are harming others, it is because you are trapped in a horrifying machine along with everyone else. do what you can to help others and minimize harm, don't blame endlessly guilt yourself for the harm, and break the fucking machine

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there is no ethical existence under capitalism

there is only harm mitigation, mutual aid, and working to break free

OMG this twitter poster is on the fedi?

>looks up nitter

Oh nm :blobcatUnamused:

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"