Minecraft server is officially down (was planning on EOY like Peertube, but i didnt want to bother patching log4j lol). You shall be missed :blobcatcry:

A backup exists at odo-bucket.sfo2.cdn.digitaloce if you want it - thanks for playing ❤️

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Henlo! I've been considering shutting down the peertube and minecraft servers at the end of this month as they do not appear to be getting a whole lot of use. Let me know what ya'll think


DigitalOcean is doing maintenance on the SFO2 Spaces, where basically all our files are stored - if you're online rn you may have periods of issues with images / funkwhale / peertube over the next couple hours!

Simple was the best mobile banking experience. Then they were bought out and shut down by BBVA. This is BBVA’s transition experience on mobile.

You expect me to REAMCH my little pinkie over to the shift button for a single letter midway into the sentence? absolutely not

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You can tell when I'm on my phone because its the only time "I" is ever capitalized


okay ya know actually f I could sleep for more than 3 hours at a time that would be great

don't feel like shit yet but I know its coming

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hey remember that hellsong thing i did like,,, half a year ago? picked it back up again for todays stream and its a slapper

(stream vod:

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Tired: McDonalds sprite
Inspired: Taco Bell water

Streaming some music prod tonight at 8pm MST (UTC -7)

Come for the jams, stay for the fruit preserves

I love it when I get angry emails saying that "you're cutting off our entire half of the fediverse! you should remove these instance blocks" and I'm like yes. cutting off you people is literally the point.

screw your non-fungible tokens. me, I want my tokens to funge. I want them to funge and never stop funging. permafungible. nothing but funge, beginning to end.

*edits something small in some existing code*
SonarCloud: Refactor this function to reduce its Cognitive Complexity from 109 to the 25 allowed.

say sike right now

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