warioware smooth moves - wario dance company made me who i am today

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If cops shoot tear gas at you, that’s “crowd control”, but if you pick it up and throw it back, that’s “assault with a deadly weapon”. Got it.

Scientists have discovered a new species of dwarf axolotls. They have named them “axolitls”.

I like hearing from both sides of an issue. When I hear someone make an intelligent point, I like to nod thoughtfully, and then, tilting my head down in thought, lift my hand up, as if to posit some deep question. "You know," I'll say, taking a moment to pause, "I can't help but wonder, what would an insufferable chud think about this?" This indicates that my brilliant, nigh immaculate brain is better than those of others, because I think about both sides of an issue: good, and really not good.

Do everything in your power to make it as hard for the US as possible to go "back to normal"

If you capture some footage and want it to spread, please explicitly give permission to redistribute copies. It makes it a lot easier, legally, for people to put it on additional platforms, which makes it more accessible to people and harder to take down.

Using any of the creativecommons.org licenses will ensure people have the right to distribute copies. Indicating the license in the video itself (rather than in a description you post) will help with the avoidance of doubt.


Good morning to all who have woken up "members of a terrorist organisation" for opposing state violence

living for False Noise's unconventional time signatures rn

proper capitalization seems unfriendly? forced to interact with people who use uppercase letters an proper punctuation all the time?

introducing: lowercase posts

that's right! with a tiny bit of css you can make all posts lowercase

a cool thing about donating to bail funds btw: that money isn't one-and-done. unless someone actually doesn't report to court, which almost never happens, that money is returned to the bail fund to be used once again. donating $50 to a bail fund *permanently* gives them an additional $50 to use again and again as that money gets returned to them.

the bigger the pool of money a bail fund has, the more people it can help at once, since ofc your $50 cannot be used to post bail for multiple people at one time.

reply to this with a pride flag and your pfp, and ill slap the flag in there

Welcome to the Arizona curfew, where you are allowed to do literally anything except protest or make the police think that you'll protest

Jesus christ. That was subtle

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"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"