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*fixes my audio pipeline*
*immediately swaps a core component and breaks everything again*
:blobcatcool: just linox things

Starting up an mlm that just sells kits for you to design your own alternative medicine. It even includes advertising materials so you can write what diseases it cures!

Ah, was basing this off of other people saying they were EST when really EDT. Daylight savings is dumb, yeah, but I'd argue it's MORE dumb to not do it.

Anyways stream in 40 minutes (9 AM MST) pog

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And we're live! Sorry for the delay, had to fix some latency issues

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In which kind of group do you feel more seen and appreciated

yelling but with context 

cant register dlls on wine 6.7 so wineasio no worky :c

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Upcoming stream schedule 

April 30th at 7PM MST - I've got new sample packs and I'm not afraid to use them!

May 1st at 10AM MST - A new Minecraft series with some new friends

Also! Trying out twitch (their chat api is nicer) -

+ high flammability (methane)
+ risk of leakage
+ decomposition at high voltages

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timeline's always dead 'round these parts