Why is it called zoom when all the zoomers just use discord

time to make my room smell like a bakery ^w^
candles are great

i had to download 3 different video editors just to make this, you are obligated to view this bad thing

The ShamWow holds 10 times it's weight in liquid!

fuck it. time is meaningless. i decided halloween is in three days

starting to wonder how much of these shortages is actually due to individual hoarding and how much is due to the JIT trend and other computer dork based supply chain "optimization" that has left us as a society with less and less reserves of basic supplies that used to be built into the system, in warehouses and whatever

like, i'm no economist or academic, i'm spitballing here. but it seems like the effect of all this cult of efficiency stuff is just that we're always running out of shit

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"