i hate that smug look cats get when they’re playing with something inanimate that they believe is prey. like oh boy good for you, you caught an O N I O N. it can’t even move. grow up

everyone: "something something prince phillip"

my brain: "ah, yes, phillip price, CEO of e-corp"

Please sign my petition to rename "SAAS" to "Digital Landlording."


bullying @skehmatics's's'ssss' computer machine in my tiny skull brain

plan on going to san fran to throw enough eggs at reddit hq's windows that it blots out thos nerd's sunlight, get egg'dd

home goods? more like home bads, amirite gamers?

Printers are so wild they're just like "hey I can perfectly replicate this image that's originally made of pixels for you" and nobody mentions how epic that is

Listening to Well There's Your Problem podcast. I'm not sure what Ros actually looks like, but in my head he is the SimCity transportation adviser

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is not alive

"are you a boy or a girl?"
"im dead!"