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I'm thinking that we're plural.
Right now, there's two people in here, Madeline and Twinkle.

// This is Madeline here, we're both bad at naming and we decided to just use what we currently have. I'm the nerdy one, and I write code. That's why I'm Madeline as that was our formal name.

I'm the social one, usually when I talk with you, I'm the one fronting.

// Due to consistency, we will not be changing our username.

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420th game of apex and i did 69 damage

Dear Mastodon users, beware of spam!

Today I got email stating that my is about to expire, and there was a link to renew my password.

If you receive such emails, absolutely do not click their links. Mastodon passwords do not expire. The link will only take you somewhere where you can lose your Mastodon credentials to malicious users.

(This may be relevant to other fediverse software than Mastodon too, I don't really know what the spammers are sourcing now.)


why is [insert literally any microsoft product] so slow?

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tbh remaking my older art pieces is really fun, it's something i do because it's great to compare my art now vs then

and although my current piece is unfinished, holy balls does it look 20x better than the past version lmao

i can't wait to show y'all

fun fact 

here you don't say "bat", you say "flying mouse"

i made a joke tweet and now i've turned it into a real physical sticker you can buy on redbubble

enjoy the Game Vui Advance

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