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hello again fediverse, i am back again from the dead, but not really (is not alive)
other instance i was on is down for an undeterimined time so i'm settling down on this instance



i got a portable printer that color is broken and used ascii goatse to test print

i would like to say none of my toots are crossposted and i'm proud of that

ah yes today, were going to talk about pagers

i need to do a blog post about pagers sometime,
i have a story of how my family used pagers as a "come home" signal for when i was out the house because my phone battery always died

hey uk people, what would the best way to charge my phone/laptop be if im uhh, homeless for a bit

i shouldn't be stressed because i didn't realize it would do that and its an honest mistake but that made my heart sink fast

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i am sorry to the hundereds of people i possibly accidently mentioned when i replied to that toot
actually in panic

the EpicGames email mention now an @ everyone on fedi

hello COM, listening to rolltime live on from my tent in my garden with a friend

happy 35 years to @SDF
i've only been around the community since ~2015 and only really actively taking part this year but it has been fun and i wish i joined sooner :blobheartcat:

possible strobing 

hello fedi are monitors supposed to buzz and do funky patterns

panhandle, non urgent 

wanna feed an anxious neet who can't keep a jobs because of panic attacks?
**please** do not give anything if you cannot afford to

applying for a reduction but idk if it would apply to this months

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forgot i'm no longer a student and have to pay council tax and just got a fucking £130 ransom from my local council
i'm so pissed idk if i can afford it just yet

check out this cool voicemail i revived a few days ago

i could go on for a while about how Unifont is the perfect font, looks best at 12pt (16px/1em), making it the perfect sized font, has all the glyphs you could ever need and has a pretty permissive license for usage in personal and commercial environments

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is not alive

timeline's always dead 'round these parts