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some rules, everyone loves those, right?
please cw nsfw, lewd, and other commonly tagged things (common sense things, follow what you see on the fedi)
dont post anything that's illegal in the us basically
don't be a dick/toxic. (being bigoted, racist, homo/transphobic falls under this.)
no dox, impersonation, and/or ads.
take all personal drama away from here and dont try to start shit.
no follow bots of any kind, we suspend any bots of this kind, and their creators. go to an instance that hooks into a federation relay if this is what you want, dont bring those here.
i and other admins/mods reserve the right to do whatever we see is fit, a reason is not required if we feel it is better for you not to be on this instance.

dont really worry about everything all that much, it can sound scary sometimes but we're usually pretty laid back as long as you're being nice most of the time.
other than that, have fun!

irc: is.nota.live
mumble: is.nota.live
email: mail.is.nota.live
funkwhale: disco.is.nota.live
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